About Mitzvah Media

Mitzvah Media connects people, ideas and resources, locally and globally, to bring about positive change, growth and sustainable success!

Headquartered in California with strategic partnerships and alliances in Israel, we serve an International clientele as well as our regional and local markets.

Mitzvah Media specializes in diagnostic media consulting and customized solutions, focusing on the specific needs of our clients.

Micro and Macro-promotion, brand development and deployment, "New Media Makeovers," and more - your project no matter what size and scope treated like a Mitzvah - performed scrupulously and with great simcha and passion!

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Mitzvah Media promotes things which we believe have value and worth. Not every project requires a rocket launcher - sometimes all that is needed is a helping hand. Sometimes two hands are needed, other times it literally "takes a village" to raise up an idea whose time has come.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your connectivity needs, and let's see what we can do together.

Lorelai Kude
Mitzvah Media

US: (818) 746-6174